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Should Open Access be available for all?

For this week’s blog post, I have decided to try something a little different and create a Prezi for the first time, in an attempt to respond to the topic in question. Here’s hoping it loads successfully…

In the meantime, here is a great visual from the Australian Open Access Group on the benefits of Open Access:


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5 thoughts on “Should Open Access be available for all?

  1. Hi Lucy!

    Great post on OA. It’s concise and I especially like the disadvantages you mentioned that I missed out in my post!

    Indeed it is impossible to have a win-win situation whether we have OA or not. There will always be groups that are for the idea of OA, like us students but not for the publishers. Without OA, many of us will be whining but not the case for publishers. However, I do agree that the benefits of Open Access outweighs the disadvantages because OA helps serves the interest of so many groups such as teachers and students, researchers, universities, libraries and so on.

    As OA can also be apply to non-scholary content, like music, movies, and novels, I would like to know if your stand is still to share contents online on these few aspects? 🙂

    Hope to get a reply from you.



    • Hi Evelina,

      Thanks for your comment and for taking the time to read my post.

      You raise a really interesting point on the future of OA in relation to creative industries such as Music and film. On reflection, I think that OA would be really beneficial in the Music Industry for example as after reading fellow student Anna Kent-Muller’s blog post this week, I learnt that according to Spotify, 55% of young people swapped to using free legal platforms of streaming when given the option, rather than illegally downloading music. Therefore, OA benefits the distribution of music in the industry.

      Check out Anna’s blog here:

      Hope this answers your question,


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  2. Hi Lucy, this is really a nice looking piece of prezi work you have done! 🙂 Great work! *thumbs up* The video you shared from Arizona State University was really a good summary of open access. Given the benefits of open access, do you think open access is all reliable and trustworthy? In your experience of research, have you chance upon any open access journal that question you on its credibility? With that in mind, will you recommend open access to your friends? In one of your disadvantages on open access, you mention about the free and open access being not economically viable, in answering one of my post comments, I chanced upon Springer, they are a publishing industry which are also in favour of open access and they do funding in support for the authors.

    Have a look over here –>
    What are your views on this? Do you think that open access is difficult to sustain given companies like Springer?

    I look forward to your replies 🙂



    • Hi Elisha,

      Thanks for your comment on this week’s post. Glad you enjoyed the Prezi.

      In response to your questions, I have personally never had any reason to question the credibility of an academic source, however, this week’s research into the topic of OA has really bought home to me the fact that journals can often be falsely created in order to profit from unsuspecting researches. I would definitely recommend OA to my friends, but would warn them to make sure that they read thoroughly around subjects to make sure they don’t stumble upon some false information.

      When I was researching for my post this week, I had not come across Publishers like Springer – if I had, I would have contested the idea that OA is not economically viable, as I think that publishers funding OA would make it a much more realistic economic model.

      Hope this answers your questions,



  3. hotungnam95 says:

    Hi there

    How creative you are to create this Prezi thing! I have never thought of doing something rather than writing paragraphs and sentences on my blog. Your design was wonderful and colourful. However, beside all the good things of creating something refreshing and unique, there are some negative effects, as you spent so much time and effort to make your Prezi look perfect, you have casted out the opportunity to dig deep in the matter.

    The main question for you to answer: “Explain the advantages and disadvantages to a CONTENT PRODUCER of making their materials freely available online”, I’m afraid it hasn’t been well assessed. Rather than focusing on the effect on content producers only, your evidences are mainly about general effects on different agents (consumers, community etc), which are not detailedly analysed either. You have given your own opinion, however there is nothing I can find which related to the main question.

    Even though the content of yours is far from the expectation of our teacher, I confess, however, I admire your bravery to be creative and making something brand new. I hope this is only a starter-mistake, and I wish you have learned well from your experience.

    Thank you for reading this


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